Meet the Health Expense Family: Abhay Malik

At HealthExpense, we are a family of people who are passionate about healthcare, technology, and transparency. We work everyday to make medical billing simpler. We would love to get to know you, and for you to get to know our team. This week, meet Abhay Malik.

Name and job title
Abhay Malik – Product Analyst

What were you up to before HealthExpense?
Revenue cycle consulting for hospitals.

What inspired you to join HealthExpense?
I wanted to understand what it means to build, scale and maintain a tech company/product. HX is building something no one has been able to do before and its an exciting environment to be in.

Why healthcare?
Healthcare will always be a crucial industry to people’s lives, and is currently ripe for tech innovation.

What do you do at HealthExpense?
I touch a lot of the day to day operations around the company, but primarily focus on Product Managing the data aggregators.

What’s excites you the most about working at HealthExpense?
The fact that we’re creating something totally new.


Coolest tech company and why?
Twitch as they’ve essentially created a new career path for people and helped the eSports explosion.

Most interesting fun fact about yourself
I play guitar in a band

Music, technology, fitness

Favorite quote
You feel your strength in the experience of pain.

Favorite book
Time and Again

Favorite way to relax
Movies and books

Favorite author/influencer
Elliott Smith

Name all of the places you have lived before
Muscat, New Delhi, Los Angeles, Orange County, Bay Area

Name all of the places you have traveled before
UK, Italy, France, Japan, Singapore, India, Mexico, Canada

Thank you Abhay for your great work and taking the time to stop by! We hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little bit about our family, and we are always happy to hear from yours!

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