5 TED Talks to Watch (to be an informed healthcare consumer)

In this ever-changing healthcare landscape, many Americans are looking for new ways to take charge of their expenses. Luckily, there are resources and innovative ideas out there making healthcare less complex and affordable.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite innovative “Ideas Worth Spreading” and hope you find them as groundbreaking as we do.

1. The Big Data Revolution in Healthcare by Joel Selanikio

The Big Data Revolution in Healthcare

Joel takes his listeners through the evolution of data in the medical field since 1995. He identifies the bottlenecks and obstacles in the healthcare industry, which included himself. Because of advanced technology and now the cloud, the healthcare industry has been able to cut out the middleman and share information with little to no training. It’s a fascinating retrospective of the last 22 years.

2. Crowdsource Your Health by Lucien Engelen

Crowdsource Your Health by Lucien Engelen

In our fast paced, app-based world, we can find anything we need from restaurants to ATMs, to the closest gas station with a tap on a smartphone. We crowdsource everything, whether it’s finding a consensus on the best place to eat or finding funding for our latest projects.

But what about crowdsourcing for health? Finding a defibrillator, for example? The point Lucien makes in this talk is that by crowdsourcing our health information and sharing it, we can save lives. Learn how effective the AED Crowdsourcing program was in the Netherlands, and his ideas on sharing it with the world.

3. Let’s Pool Our Medical Data by John Wilbanks

Lets Pool Our Medical Data

Like Lucien, John wonders how effective crowdsourcing information could actually be. John talks about why privacy is common with medical research, but also if the desire to protect our privacy is slowing advancements. What if opening up our personal medical data could lead to a wave of healthcare innovation?

Learn about the beginnings of informed consent for medical research, and narrative hypothesis for clinical studies. Fun fact: while technology has improved leaps and bounds in the past 100 years, medical research has not. And that’s something we should think about.

4. Healthcare Should Be a Team Sport by Eric Dishman

Healthcare Should Be a Team Sport

Eric Dishman was diagnosed with two to three years to live in college. What he learned from the experience is the medical field doesn’t always know how to work together. He wants to change that. In his words, “we have got to go beyond this paradigm of isolated specialists doing parts care to multi-disciplinary teams doing person care.

Thanks to network devices and smart software technology, we are on the right path to comprehensive care, assuming we can get doctors onboard to work together. The future of healthcare is smart teams, and Eric gives the medical field ways to do it.

5. What if Our Healthcare System Kept Us Healthy? By Rebecca Onie

When Rebecca was an intern with a law firm, she expected the usual intern landscape – getting coffee, pushing paper and ordering lunch. Instead, she collected cockroaches to show the judge in court to help her clients win their cases. Now, she’s thinking about another industry… healthcare. Listen to her speak about Health Leads, a volunteer organization that advocates for waiting rooms as a place to improve daily health care, doctors prescribing food, and housing that provides heat in the winter. Listen as she begs us to be honest with ourselves, so we can start to heal an unbalanced system.

Did any of these TED Talks get your brain going? Share your thoughts below as well as other favorite TED Talks worth sharing.

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